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HumanResources EmployeePayHistory (table) — 35.0%

[...] key to Employee.EmployeeID. RateChangeDate datetime not null Date the change in pay is effective Rate money not null Salary hourly rate. PayFrequency tinyint not null 1 = Salary received monthly, 2 = Salary received biweekly ModifiedDate datetime not null (getdate()) Date and time the record was last updated. Primary Key Primary Key Columns PK_EmployeePayHistory_EmployeeID_RateChangeDate EmployeeID, RateChangeDate Check Constraints Check Constraint Expression Description CK_EmployeePayHistory_PayFrequency ( PayFrequency [...]

Sales CurrencyRate (table) — 25.0%

[...] Primary key for CurrencyRate records. CurrencyRateDate datetime not null Date and time the exchange rate was obtained. FromCurrencyCode nchar(3) not null Exchange rate was converted from this currency code. ToCurrencyCode nchar(3) not null Exchange rate was converted to this [...]

Sales SalesTaxRate (table) — 15.0%

wikibot Table Sales.SalesTaxRate Description Tax rate lookup table. Columns Column Data Type Nullable Default Description SalesTaxRateID int not null Primary key for SalesTaxRate records. StateProvinceID int not null State, province, or country/region the sales tax applies to. TaxType tinyint not null 1 = Tax applied to retail transactions, 2 = Tax applied to wholesale transactions, 3 = Tax applied to all sales (retail and wholesale) transactions. TaxRate smallmoney not null ((0.00)) Tax rate [...]

HumanResources uspUpdateEmployeeHireInfo (procedure) — 15.0%

[...] @EmployeeID [int], @Title [nvarchar](50), @HireDate [datetime], @RateChangeDate [datetime], @Rate [money], @PayFrequency [tinyint], @CurrentFlag [dbo].[Flag] WITH EXECUTE AS CALLER AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; BEGIN TRY BEGIN TRANSACTION; UPDATE [HumanResources].[Employee] SET [Title] = @Title ,[HireDate] = @HireDate ,[CurrentFlag] = @CurrentFlag WHERE [EmployeeID] = @EmployeeID; INSERT INTO [HumanResources].[EmployeePayHistory] ([EmployeeID] ,[RateChangeDate] ,[Rate] [...]

WikiMarkup — 5.0%

[...] Gender HireDate MaritalStatus SickLeaveHours VacationHours EndDate StartDate PayFrequency Rate (table) EmailPromotion BOMLevel ComponentID [...]

Sales SalesOrderHeader (table) — 5.0%

[...] null Approval code provided by the credit card company. CurrencyRateID int null Currency exchange rate used. Foreign key to CurrencyRate.CurrencyRateID. [...]

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