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Sales Customer (table) — 72.7%

[...] SalesTerritory.SalesTerritoryID. AccountNumber Unique number identifying the customer assigned by the accounting system. CustomerType nchar(1) not null Customer type: I = Individual, S = Store rowguid uniqueidentifier not null (newid()) ROWGUIDCOL number uniquely identifying the record. Used to support a merge replication sample. ModifiedDate datetime not null (getdate()) Date and time the record was last updated. Primary Key Primary Key Columns PK_Customer_CustomerID CustomerID Indexes Index Type Columns AK_Customer_AccountNumber Unique AccountNumber AK_Customer_rowguid [...]

WikiMarkup — 9.1%

[...] RejectedQty UnitPrice Freight OrderDate ShipDate SubTotal TaxAmt ShipBase ShipRate CreditRating CustomerType UnitPriceDiscount DueDate Bonus CommissionPct [...]

Sales vStoreWithDemographics (view) — 9.1%

[...] (SELECT [Sales].[Customer].[CustomerID] FROM [Sales].[Customer] WHERE UPPER([Sales].[Customer].[CustomerType]) = 'S'); References Dependency Type [...]

Sales vIndividualCustomer (view) — 9.1%

[...] (SELECT [Sales].[Customer].[CustomerID] FROM [Sales].[Customer] WHERE UPPER([Sales].[Customer].[CustomerType]) = 'I'); References Dependency Type [...]

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