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Purchasing ProductVendor (table) — 80.0%

[...] quantity that should be ordered. MaxOrderQty int not null The minimum quantity that should be ordered. OnOrderQty int null The quantity currently on order. UnitMeasureCode nchar(3) not null The product's unit of measure. ModifiedDate datetime not null (getdate()) Date and time the record was last updated. Primary Key Primary Key Columns PK_ProductVendor_ProductID_VendorID ProductID, VendorID Indexes Index Type Columns IX_ProductVendor_UnitMeasureCode UnitMeasureCode IX_ProductVendor_VendorID VendorID Check Constraints Check Constraint Expression [...]

WikiMarkup — 20.0%

[...] ScheduledEndDate ScheduledStartDate AverageLeadTime LastReceiptCost MaxOrderQty MinOrderQty OnOrderQty StandardPrice ReceivedQty RejectedQty [...]

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