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Production WorkOrder (table) — 80.0%

[...] OrderQty int not null Product quantity to build. StockedQty Quantity built and put in inventory. ScrappedQty smallint not null Quantity that failed inspection. StartDate datetime not null Work order start date. EndDate datetime null Work order end date. DueDate datetime not null Work order due date. ScrapReasonID smallint null Reason for inspection failure. ModifiedDate datetime not null (getdate()) Date and time the record was last updated. Primary Key Primary Key Columns PK_WorkOrder_WorkOrderID WorkOrderID Indexes Index Type Columns [...]

WikiMarkup — 20.0%

[...] SellStartDate StandardCost Style Weight A-Za-z Bin Shelf Rating TransactionType OrderQty ScrappedQty ActualCost ActualEndDate ActualResourceHrs [...]

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